2018-2019 Martin Micklin & Kimberly Angstadt 

2017-2018 Martin Micklin & Dylan Davis

2016-2017 Lynn Meza and Dylan Davis

2015-2016 Michelle Williams and Lynn Meza

2014-2015 Tracy DiBonaventura and Michelle Williams

2013-2014  Courtney Page and Tracy DiBonaventura

2012-2013  Courtney Page and Jen Fleming

2011-2012: Vippy Yee and Veronica Olszewski

2010-2011: Kathryn Mehan and Marj Hatzell

2009-2010: Carlin McCoy and Kate Crawford

2008-2009: Linda Armour and Mary McMurray

2007-2008: Beth DeBruyn and Linda Martin

2006-2007: Kate Dickey and Beth Resweber

2005-2006: Stacy Mayhew-Clements and Sharon Mester

2004-2005: Rebecca Frick and Cathy Restrepo



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