Chair: Keith Peltzman

Program Overview

The SRS Home and School Dimensions in Sustainability Committee recognizes the importance of protecting the natural environment to ensure a healthy and viable future for our children.

Dimensions in Sustainability works to promote and help coordinate sustainable practices at SRS.  Efforts include emphasizing reduction of waste in classroom, cafeteria, and school-wide events with reusable plates and cups.  First graders decorate reusable plates with their own artwork-a plate that is then used for all class parties and a treasure that those students take with them upon “moving up” at the end of 5th grade.  This one program has effectively cut classroom waste from holiday parties in half.  Students are also educated about the school’s recycling and composting programs.

Dimensions in Sustainability also supports various environmental education initiatives throughout the year.  Examples have included a presentation by “Pappa Totuga” of the Tecolutia Turtle Preservation Project and the 3rd grade “Mega-Cabbabe” Plant Project.



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