SRS Weekly E-Blast

Due to recent changes in the distribution method of the E-Blast, you must subscribe to the SRS Weekly e-Blast via SchoolMessenger, which is operated by WSSD. If you have added an email address to the “General” category, you will receive weekly e-Blasts.

Instructions can be found here:

After logging in to SchoolMessenger, click “Preferences” in the upper right corner of the screen and click “General”. Activate the checkmark next to your preferred email address and click save.

If you do not see your email address listed, you can add it under “My contacts”. Click the green plus sign next to “Add more” and select “Add an email address”. Then make sure you add it to the “General” category.

Please click here for our current and archived e-blasts.

This is an archive of the SRS Weekly E-Blast.  To subscribe to the weekly update, please use the form below.




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