Program Information

Dimensions in Social Studies supports school-wide and grade specific activities that enhance the social studies curriculum at SRS.  

Through a school-wide mock election students participate in the democratic process and learn about the important role that voting plays in a democratic society. On the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday students and their families have the opportunity to help fellow community members at service learning activities each year.

Activities take place at each grade level to support social studies lessons:

  • Grades 1 and 2 experience Asia Week-five days of activities and lessons on China, India, or Japan.
  • The annual African Dance celebration is the culmination of the 3rd grade unit on traditional African dances and their cultural significance.
  • Grades 4 and 5 study Native American cultures, which includes an annual trip to the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology for the 5th grade classes.

The dedication and hard work of the Dimensions in Social Studies chairs makes these activities possible year after year.  Home & School also provides funding every year to offset the costs of many of these treasured events and activities.
Chair: Kaycee Conallen, web
Cherilyn Scanlon, 
and Rinal Parik                         

5th Grade Rep: Oonie Lynch

Program Overview

Dimensions in Art (DIA) provides art enrichment to the SRS Community, supplementing the district’s fine arts curriculum with special projects and instruction in art appreciation and art history.  DIA also maintains SRS’s extensive art collection through cataloguing, maintenance and restoration.

DIA receives funding from Home and School to execute the 5th Grade Art Project, which is a long embraced tradition of our community and a rite of passage for the 5th grade class.  Each year, DIA selects a visiting artist who works with the 5th grade to create an art installation that the students leave as their legacy gift to the school.  The students learn about aesthetic vision, public art and the importance of working with a community in a collaborative way.  Home and School provides funding for a modest artist stipend and to offset costs of materials for the project.  With the support of the 5th grade teachers, staff and administration , parent volunteers, , select the artist, facilitate the implementation of the project, and assist during the workdays with the students.

Parent volunteers from DIA research and catalogue SRS’s extensive art collection.  With the support of the fine arts faculty and school district IT administrators, DIA volunteers have built a home on the WSSD’s website to highlight, feature and provide information about the works in the school’s art collection.  Home and School provides funding for periodic physical maintenance and restoration of works in the collection.

DIA supports the Wallingford Swarthmore Chapter of Art Goes to School of the Delaware Valley.  Art Goes to School is a non-profit volunteer organization that brings art appreciation classes to nearly 155,000 elementary and middle school children in the area.  The Wallingford-Swarthmore Chapter is made up of parents of all ages who visit every kindergarten through seventh grade class in the school district twice each school year.  The organization provides workshops and lectures to train volunteers.  Home and School, along with the parent organizations of NPE, WES and SHMS, provides funding for the Wallingford Swarthmore Chapter to offset the cost of volunteers’ dues.



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