Globetrotters Foreign Language Program 2019 – 2020

Dear Parents,

The following pages contain Parent Guidelines for Globetrotters, the extracurricular Foreign Language Program sponsored by the SRS Home and School Association (“Home and School”).

Parent Guidelines are also available on the Home and School webpage ( under Foreign Language.

The guidelines include policies that have been developed after careful consideration to provide the highest quality program and safety practices for your children.

It is important for all parents to read the Parent Guidelines.

If you have questions, please contact the Globetrotters administrators at

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Program Description

Home and School offers a fee based extra-curricular foreign language program called “Globetrotters.”

Language classes are offered by professional language teachers. We currently offer instruction in Chinese, French, Spanish and Latin.

Our mission is to provide consistent language instruction that enables students to build on their language skills from year to year. The programs are developmentally appropriate and designed to make learning a second language fun.

The program is a total of 21 weeks long, with one planned make up class, as needed. Language choices, proposed time of instruction (subject to change upon enrollment) and fees are published on the registration form and can be referenced at

Enrollment is for the entire 21-week program and payment is due upon registration. Need-based scholarships are available. Contact Dr. Angela Tuck at SRS for more information. If your child will be moving before the end of the year or you would like to arrange for a payment plan, please contact

There is limited space and admission to the program will be in order of applications received. If the minimum number of participants required for a class has not been reached, the organizers reserve the right to cancel the class. The organizers will work with parents to find alternatives or refund the payments made.

In the 2019/20 school year we offer Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced classes. Information about the schedule, teachers, and curriculum can be found on Home and School’s webpage ( under Globetrotters Foreign Language Program.

Registration Confirmation and Scheduling Confirmation of placement will be e-mailed to the e-mail address you have provided prior to the start of the classes.

The class schedule shown is based on projected enrollment and is subject to change based on the number of children registered in each level. You will receive a confirmation email after registration has closed, with information about the specific details about the class and schedule for which your child is registered.If you have not received a confirmation email before the school year has commenced, please contact the Globetrotters administrators at


Only children who have been assigned a spot in the Globetrotters program and who have submitted the required forms and payment will be allowed to start the classes on the first day of the program.

Except as noted below, all tuition payments are non-refundable, unless the class is cancelled by the program organizers and no alternative placement can be made. Please note that a pro rata portion of the tuition payment may be refunded if notice of withdrawal is provided to the Globetrotters administrators ( ( srsglobetrotters (at) gmail (dot) com) within the first four weeks of the school year.


We are pleased and proud to offer scholarships to families who need financial help. Each year we have a few places available in the language program for those families who need support. Please contact Dr. Angela Tuck, SRS Principal at 610-892-3470 for more information.

Monetary donations to this Scholarship Fund are always welcome and needed. Donations can be sent to school in an envelope marked “H&S Foreign Language Scholarship Fund.” Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Children with Special Needs

We make a great effort to accommodate all children and are an equal opportunity program. However, we are not a special needs program and there are limits to the accommodations we can offer in the scope of this language program. Our language teachers are not specifically trained for special needs.

We ask parents of special needs children to carefully evaluate if this class is suitable for their children. We also strongly encourage you to provide an aide for the classroom if your child needs extra support.

If we cannot reasonably accommodate your child’s special needs we reserve the right to terminate your child’s participation in the program. It is important that parents bring needs to the attention of the program organizers and the language teachers prior to the commencement of the program.

Globetrotters Language Program Progressive Discipline Policy

Our Globetrotters Language Programs are intended to be a creative and rewarding learning experience for everyone. When discipline is required, the below mentioned procedures will be followed:

First Incident: Teachers are encouraged to speak directly to the student about the offending behavior and give a “time out” from the class activity. Teachers are expected to be specific about the disruptive behavior and clear about the consequences if the behavior continues.

Second Incident: Teachers are asked to place the students in a “time out” zone. The student’s parents will be notified that the student has been removed from the classroom activity and the reason for that decision.

Third Incident: Teachers are asked to put the children in a “time out” zone. The student’s parents will be contacted to pick up their child. Parents will informed that the program has no tolerance for repeated offenders and that exclusion from the whole program will be considered by the staff.

If a student has demonstrated serious disruptive behavior, the staff together with the program organizers will make a decision regarding the student’s continued participation in the program. Students removed from the program will receive NO REFUND of payments made to Home and School and will lose their placement for the school year.

We will strictly enforce this policy to make sure that students who want to learn will have the chance to do so. Please talk to your children about how we will enforce discipline.

Transportation/Drop Off/Pickup Procedures

There will be NO transportation provided by Home and School to Globetrotters Classes at SRS. Parents are solely responsible for getting their children to or picking them up from SRS in a timely manner.

Drop-Off for morning classes. Please be at the main entrance by 7:55 am. Classes start promptly at 8:00 am. Please park your car and walk your child into the lobby of the main entrance to meet your teacher. The teacher will walk up to the classroom at 7:55 am sharp. WE ARE UNABLE TO WAIT FOR YOU OR YOUR CHILD. If your child is late you will have to walk your child up to the classroom.

REGARDLESS OF YOUR CHILD’S AGE OR GRADE, Do NOT let your child walk into the school alone. Our language teachers will be in the lobby at 7:50AM. Please do not leave your child unattended prior to the teacher’s arrival to meet the students.


Because SRS does not provide supervision of students prior to 8:20AM, your child may not walk into the school alone. Please accompany your child into the SRS lobby to meet your child’s teacher. As noted above, our language teachers will be waiting in the lobby starting at 7:50AM. Do not leave your child unattended prior to the teacher’s arrival to meet the students.

Inclement Weather Closings

In the event of severe weather conditions, we will follow the Wallingford Swarthmore School District (WSSD) in determining whether or not to have our language programs.

If the School District does not open for the day, we will not have language classes.

If the School District opens two hours late, we will not have language classes.

When you hear a storm is pending and may start during the day, please check for information regularly. WSSD often closes before travel conditions become poor.  We have one “make-up” week built in to the schedule for make-up classes due to weather or instructor illness. 

Medicine Policy

The school nurse is NOT available before the school day.

If your child is sick, he/she should remain home. If your child becomes ill during the Globetrotters language program, you will be contacted to pick up your child immediately. No medicine will be dispensed.

Please notify the Globetrotters language teachers about any allergies.



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